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Erasmus+ Sport 2017 call results: EuropeActive’s proposals in Health-Enhancing Physical Activity and skills development have been successful

On Monday 24th, 2017, ERASMUS+ Sport 2017 call selection results were published: EuropeActive was successfully selected to run the 2 projects they applied forwith a high score, placed 1st and 3rd in the raking list for selected proposals.

Both projects fit well in EuropeActive's work portfolio, with a special focus on Health Enhancing Physical Activity with the Let's #BEACTIVE project and on skills development with the Blueprint project.

The Let's #BEACTIVE project in a nutshell:


1st January 2018, 3 years duration


  1. Establishing a EU-wide campaign to engage citizens to #BEACTIVE in a long, in promotion of the European Week of Sport message;
  2. Targeting up to 60,000 currently inactive adults aged 18-55 in 8 different EU countries, through nearly 500 fitness centres;
  3. Using structured 6-week supervised exercise interventions to help motivate the participants into long-term healthy lifestyles;
  4. Creating the evidence base: tracked for at least 6 months after the trial sessions, with their daily activity levels being recorded through their personal smart phones.


  • ​EuropeActive (coordinator)
  • Ireland Active
  • Spain Active (Fundacion Vida Activa y Saludable)
  • SKY (Finnish Health and Fitness Center's Association)
  • AGAP (Portuguese Health and Fitness Association)
  • Lithuanian Association of Health and Fitness Clubs  (LSKA – Lietuvos Sveikatingumo Klubų Asociacija)
  • ANIF (National Sport and Fitness Associations of Italy)
  • Czech Chamber of Fitness
  • UKActive

The research evidence of what happens to change inactive people to become more active and to adopt a healthy lifestyle will be summarised for use in future policy development and actions.

The Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure project in a nutshell:


1st January 2018, 3 years duration


  1. Supporting the development of the European active leisure sector (fitness and outdoor sectors) based on the policy recommendations of the Expert Group on Human Resources Development and EU New Skills Agenda;
  2. Focusing on developing new skills for current and future workers, for improving employability of young people, and supporting entrepreneurship and growth across the sector.
  3. The project will especially reflect on the changing roles of fitness and outdoor workers in developing skills to meet new digital technologies, promoting health-enhancing physical activity (sometimes with other healthcare professionals), and working with special population groups.

Project activities will include a.o. a skills survey to identify current skills gaps and shortages, and to provide foresight into future skills needs, promoting the benefits of the learning experience and gaining of qualifications for developing wider skills for employability – including developing transversal skills, and the establishment of an awarding organisation which will oversee the quality assurance of the delivery of qualifications.


  • ​EuropeActive (coordinator)
  • EC-OE (European Confederation of Outdoor Employers)
  • ENSE (European Network Sport Education)
  • Spain Active (Fundacion Vida Activa Saludable)
  • GUPES (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport)
  • ICCE (International Council on Coaching Excellence)
  • Sport Ireland

Blueprint will consider project results of the still on-going SIQAF project which investigates the relation of Active Leisure qualifications to National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

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