CEN 453 – Meeting in Cyprus

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Project Activities / Information

EuropeActive participated in the CEN453 Technical Group two days meeting in Cyprus. The Group was settled in 2017 for developing European Standards in the area of food and supplements for sportspeople. In Cyprus, the entire draft elaborated so far has been reviewed and significant changes made especially in the part regarding the doping testing. The next meeting will be the 24-25 January in Paris where the Group will discuss the certification system. 

The event was hosted by the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority and the good progress of the meeting will be reported at the FAIR Project Annual Forum the next 21stNovember in Brussels. In the framework of project, EuropeActive is also carrying out a survey for NADOs which is specifically looking at the subject of food and supplements intended for use by sportspeople. The results of this survey and another one on doping interventions will be both presented during the FORUM. 

To Join the FORUM
Please send an email to Francesco.capuani@europeactive.eu