How to keep fit while on holiday?

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Going on holiday often means a hiatus in your normal workout schedule. This does not mean you are or have to be inactive during your holidays. You might do more exercise than you think, like swimming, diving or cycling.

According to expert tips from personal trainer Carly Rowena, the best way to stay active without doing any formal workouts is to do as many things on foot as possible. This will often allow you to enjoy even more the landscapes and local scenery, while increasing your number of steps to the range of 20 000 – 30 000. 

If you do want to keep doing a real workout routine, a bodyweight workout routine in your hotel room might be the perfect option. You can keep it short and simple and stay in shape. Of course, if you want to break your work out routine and recharge your batteries, that’s perfect as well.

Picture: Carly Rowena/Coco Collection