ISM Interviews: High standard of professional fitness education is a priority

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The International Standards Meeting (ISM), one of the most important events for the fitness sector, was held during 23-24 November in Rome. One of the biggest challenges of the fitness industry is properly educating and training skilled professionals. For this reason the main theme of the ISM was ‘Uniting the Fitness Industry through Education’. Alexis Batrakoulis, Director of Education at GRAFTS said:  “An average client has a number of different needs, but an average PT is not ready to handle all of these needs. As a fitness industry at global level, we need more well-trained exercise professionals to handle such challenges”

Awareness of standards in fitness and health is important not only for fitness experts, but for everyone in order to fight inactivity. EuropeActive has recently done two EU-funded projects aiming children and older adults – groups, where the decline in physical activity level is the biggest. ALCIS project was made for children to make them understand the importance of healthy lifestyles, while PAHA project was a tailored intervention for older adults with different functional capacities. 

So, the solution to decrease in activity levels is having high standard of fitness education across Europe: “Without educated professional workforce we cannot move forward” – concluded Julian Berriman, Director of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee.

Full interviews are available on official ANIF channel:

1)      Julian Berriman and Cliff Collins

2)      Alexis Batrakoulis