The rise of the budget gyms

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Fitness is the largest participant sport. The sector serves nearly 60 million consumers, generates 26.6 billion Euro in revenues, employs 650,000 people, and consists of 59,055 facilities.

In 2018, the fitness market has been growing at ~4% due to the low-cost gyms which are increasing both their memberships and revenues. However, the premium operators will continue holding the leading positions due to their higher membership fees and secondary revenues. Consequently, according to data, the polarisation between premium operators and low-cost operators is then every year more evident.

The other popular fitness trends for 2018 are quite similar to the ones of the previous years (e.g. high-intensity interval training which involves short bursts of intense exercise, group exercise classes in the so-called boutique fitness clubs and the use of wearable technologies, etc.)

The European Health and Fitness Market Report by Deloitte and EuropeActive provides a comprehensive analysis of the European Health and Fitness industry to date together with the profiles of each national markets.

The report is available here.

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