SIQAF Conference and final meeting

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Project Activities / Information

One of EuropeActive’s projects in its key area “Skills, education and qualifications” is coming to an end. The SIQAF project has been running for 22 months and will be concluded in summer 2018. The task force composed of Active Leisure and qualifications experts and stakeholders came together for their last meeting on Tuesday, 22th May 2018 in Brussels to discuss the final findings and the report. Some of the project “highlights” have been:

  • The development of an Active Leisure Sector Qualifications Framework (SQF)
  • Two fully developed European Qualifications (outdoor animator lvl 5 and personal trainer lvl 4) based on European Standards
  • Interviews with 8 different National Qualification Points for National Qualifications Frameworks to understand possible links with the SQF
  • The presentation to the EQF advisory group about a possible procedure (pathway) to reference the European Qualifications against NQFs as respond to the Council recommendation (May 2017)

The SIQAF project has been designed to explore the Relevance of the Active Leisure sectoral & International Qualification Framework to the European Qualifications Framework. Due to the Council recommendation in May 2017, the project task force had to adapt the project and its scope as a direct link of international and sectoral qualifications to the EQF, whichhas been denied by the member states. At the core of the project results has been the development of a pathway to establish a link to the EQF via NQFs.

The project found a great final with yesterday’s conference on “International Qualification Referencing to the EQF – A Sectoral View on European Qualification Harmonisation”. It has been a great success with 35 invited representatives from DG EMPL, DG EAC and Cedefop and other international sector representatives, from the EQF Advisory Group, national experts on NQFs and the International Labour Organisation to discuss and debate the pathway proposal. The presentations of the conference and all project outputs will be soon publicly available on the SIQAF website including a video of the conference.

Full details are available in the press release.