The SIQAF Meeting in Rome

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The SIQAF task force is now entering it's last phase of the project. During it's past meeting which took place November 22-23 in Rome, partners from the Active Leisure sector and international qualification experts putting together the outcomes of the past months. The take force has completed it's comprehensive work including consultations of National Coordination Points for National Qualification Frameworks (NQF) in 8 member states. The SIQAF project is a pilot intervention funded under the Erasmus+ programme by the DG EMPL of the European Commission. The project started in August 2016 with the goal to explore approaches for sectors to reference sectoral qualifications to NQFs and the EQF. The final report with detailed description referencing approaches will be published during the final SIQAF conference bin May 2018. More information about this event in due time.

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