Technical Expert Group (TEG) meeting in London

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On the 18th – 19th of April the partners of the FAIR project came together for a Technical Expert Group (TEG) meeting at ukactive office in London. The focus of the meeting was on the development of the questionnaire for a EU 28 NADOs survey, Hence, the timeline for the research part was discussed which aims to assess the effectiveness and the applicability of doping prevention intervention in other contexts in the last 3 years. To do that, the TEG members agreed also on the research methodology, case studies and criteria for the assessment.

In the framework of the project reserach, three researchers (2 PhDs and 1 MA) from Swansea University joined the project. They will be in charge of the data collection including interviews with relevant stakeholders and the survey and the data analysis.

The preliminary results will be presented at the FAIR annual forum in Brussels the on 22 November 2018 and will be included in the project final report due to beginning of 2020.