2018 update on Key Competences for Lifelong learning

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Following the launch of the review of the 2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in June 2016, the Commission adopted the proposal for a New Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning on January 17, 2018. The review was aimed at updating and further support key competences development across Europe.  The new recommendation will contribute to the development of quality, future-oriented education and training tailored to the needs of European society.

In this regard, the European Commission will continue working with EU countries to strengthen key competences, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by all for personal fulfilment and development, employability, social inclusion and active citizenship. Commission’s approach is based on the lifelong learning concept covering several learning methodologies and assessing key competences in order to reach a high quality education for all.

Also EuropeActive believes in the lifelong learning approach. Accordingly, EREPS has recently developed “The Lifelong Learning Programme” which is designed to support its members to meet their ongoing learning and professional career requirements to maintain their EREPS registration.