7 Habits for a Healthy Heart

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There are actually many things that you can easily do to decrease the risk of heart disease. A committee of experts with the American Heart Association created a strategic plan to reduce cardiovascular disease. They identified seven of the most important behaviours people can follow to protect their cardiovascular health:

  1. Exercise - “Exercise is the type of medicine that appears to produce benefits no matter how small the dose”
  2. Eat right - You should eat nuts, fruits and vegetables, seafood, fermented foods and healthy fats more often.
  3. Lower blood pressure - Controlling your weight, moderating your alcohol intake, being physically active and watching your salt and sugar intake are the best and easiest ways to make blood pressure lower.
  4. Lower your cholesterol - Fatty fish, nuts, soybeans, tofu, soy milk, citrus fruits, beans and vegetable can improve your cholesterol level.
  5. Know your blood sugar - Diabetics are four times more likely to die from heart disease.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight - Obesity is among the leading causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.
  7. Don't smoke - Smokers have double the risk of having a heart attack, and triple the risk of having a stroke.

So, preventing heart disease is more about controlling your habits rather than cordially changing them.