Cedefop: study on the image of Vocational Education and Training in the EU

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Cedefop has recently published an opinion survey on vocational education and training (VET) in Europe. It is crucial to understand the public perception of vocational education and training and the reasons behind that attitude to make VET a first choice for young and adult learners. The image of VET has been a long time shaded by other educational paths such as higher education. Cedefop focused with its study on the identification of possible stereotypes and misconceptions which shape the concept of VET.

The methodology encompassed 120 cognitive interviews in 6 EU countries to test and improve the questionnaire, 840 interviews throughout Europe to pilot the survey, 30 in each country and 35 646 face-to-face interviews conducted in total with up to 2 200 interviews in a single country. The results show that the general image of VET is rather positive among EU citizens (68% agreeing) but in comparison to general education, VET was perceived to be rather suitable for students of lower academic performance, and that obtaining a VET qualification is usually easier than obtaining a qualification in general education.