PTs not trained with the right skills say European operators

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According to a Europe-wide survey of PT skills, revealed at EuropeActive's 2017 International Standards Meeting (ISM), around 35% of European fitness operators are not satisfied with skills PTs possess. Moreover, 61% of operators have to provide additional training for newly hired PTs in order to fulfil the requirements.

More than 4,200 fitness professionals from 15 European countries participated in the survey that was conducted by EuropeActive and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). Participants was interviewed about their satisfaction with current vocational training, PT levels of education, happiness and job satisfaction, among other topics. Overall, the majority of PTs are happy with their job. The highest level of happiness was shown in Switzerland.

Julian Berriman, director of EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee, concluded: "My hope is that we can now develop this research so we can repeat this survey every two years. I hope it can become a benchmark for the industry because we need that”.

EuropeActive contributes to skills and qualifications development with its ongoing projects: Blueprint and SIQAF.