UK fitness industry worth £5bn

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The UK fitness industry is continuing to grow year by year in terms of size and value. In 2017 the number of fitness clubs has exceeded 7,000 facilities for the first time in history, accounting to 4.6 per cent increase with 275 new openings. The 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, published on 16th of May by the Leisure Database Company (LeisureDB), shows that the value of UK fitness market increased by 2.9 per cent compared to previous year and reached £5bn. The market penetration rate is now 14.9 per cent, which is equal to around 10 million people - one in every seven Brits - having gym membership. Despite the market is still expanding, the rates of growth are, lower than recorded last year, when there was increase of more than 5 per cent in both members and market value in UK fitness sector.

David Minton, director of LeisureDB commemted: “After being widely quoted from last year’s report about ‘the golden age of fitness’, I’m sticking to my prediction that the period up to 2020 remains the time for fitness to continue to break all barriers. It has for the past six years, after all; and as the consumer gets more personalisation, localisation, seamless booking and payment options, taking part will become easier. The next challenge will be broader consumer adoption. Could we aim for 20 per cent penetration in the UK by 2020?”

So, there is still a lot of space for development in UK fitness market, but the focus should be done not only on expanding, but on improving quality and convenience of fitness facilities, as well as qualifications of employees.