3rd Annual Forum on Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport

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Brussels, 12-13 November 2019

EuropeActive organised in Brussels the 3rd  Annual Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport the last 12-13 November 2019.

The two-day event placed the focus on the main evolution of the anti-doping system and the concrete recommendations and actions based on good practices to improve the effectiveness of the anti-doping policy in recreational sport. The Forum provided an EU-wide platform for discussion, debate and cooperation, thus contributing to the dissemination of good practice and study outcomes in the EU.

The Forum was chaired by Prof McNamee from Swansea University and opened by the European Commission. The first key note speaker has been Mr Sébastien Gillot, WADA Director, European Regional Office who shared with the audience the WADA 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and the main evolutions of the anti-doping system.

Day one: Debate sessions on doping regulation and responsibilities in recreational sport

The afternoon sessions started with intense debates on the regulation of doping in recreational sport and the best ways to implement these regulatory actions in the anti-doping policy. NADO Flanders CEO Marc Van der Beken, backed-up by Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Professor Sigmund Loland, defended a proposal on doping regulation that was challenged by Professors John William Devine (Swansea University) and Verner Møller (Aarhus University). The discussion brought interesting concepts and ideas on how to best regulate doping and future challenges, allowing the audience to participate through an interactive Q&A session.

The same scheme was displayed in the second session to discuss whether NADOs should have primary responsibility in anti-doping in recreational sport. Panellists Dr Michael Petrou (President Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority), Malene Radmer Johannisson (Anti-Doping Denmark), Dr Jim McVeigh (Liverpool John Moores University) and Professor Flavia Valtorta  (Italian Ministry of Health) provided very valuable outcomes in a lively debate that had National Anti-Doping Organisations and their positions of responsibility in the spotlight.

The day culminated with EuropeActive Director of Programmes Cliff Collins and Swansea University Professor Michael McNamee summarising the main ideas of the day, as well as the future directions of the Anti-doping system development for recreational sport.

Day two: A closer view of actions for Anti-Doping in recreational sport

The 3rd annual Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport started its second day with Mr. Collins and Mr. McNamee welcoming delegates and introducing EuropeActive’s FAIR project Report. Project partners Professor Ask Vest Christiansen from Aarhus University provided detailed information on the Doping Prevention Interventions Review and Professor Susan Backhouse (Leeds Beckett University) explained the outcomes on actions to improve testing and labelling for food and supplements intended for sportspeople.

The interactive session on FAIR Project recommendations gave participants the chance to take part in a fruitful debate to better understand how to improve the quality of project findings and recommendations in order to report on the effectiveness of existing antidoping interventions.

Three Erasmus+ Anti-Doping projects were also presented to the audience; Henrik Lunde from the Norwegian Football Federation introduced the Anti-Doping in Football project which aims to be the first educational tool to meet the anti-doping education standardisation criteria. EuropeActive is a project partner for Anti-DIF and actively cooperates to the development of these new standards, especially in respect of grassroots football.

The Safe You project was presented by Kingston University Professor Andrea Petroczi and it dynamically contributes to anti-doping in fitness and amateur sports through primary prevention and education empowerment. Professor Vassilis Barkoukis from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki unveiled The GAME project, an open space where children and adults can have fun in a natural setting.

The Forum concluded with Swansea University Professor Michael McNamee and EuropeActive Director of Programmes Cliff Collins wrapping up key findings and recommendations for future actions in the field of doping prevention in recreational sport.

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The Forum for Anti-doping in Recreational Sport project could not have been completed without the contributions of many organisations, individuals and experts in the field of anti-doping:

Prof Michael McNamee (Swansea University)
Prof. Susan Backhouse (Leeds Beckett University)
Bart Coumans and Erik Duiven (Anti-Doping Authority Netherlands)
Anne Thidemann (Virke)
Fredrik Lauritzen (Anti-Doping Authority Norway)
Prof. Ask Vest Christiansen (Aarhus University)
Dr. Michael Petrou (Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority)
Prof. Fabio Lucidi (Universita di Roma La Sapienza)
Dr Andrew Bloodworth (Swansea University)
Gaetan Garcia (TAFISA)
EuropeActive EU project team 

Rasmus Kjær
Luke Cox
Evie Ham
Katharina Gatterer
Andrea Chirico
Helen Staff 
Meghan Bentley