Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport

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There is a growing concern that doping outside the elite sporting system is an expanding and problematic phenomenon, giving rise to the belief that the misuse of doping agents in recreational sport has become a societal problem and a public health concern.

EuropeActive, together with the support of the EU institutions, academics, national associations, anti-doping national agencies and WADA are working on the promotion of free-doping environment, in recreational sport with a focus on fitness centres.

After to completion on the Fitness Against Doping project, EuropeActive is currently running the 3-years duration FAIR project, co-funded by Erasmus+, with a focus on current anti-doping interventions in Member States and sports food for sport people.

EuropeActive is a liaison organisation in the CEN Technical Committee on "Nutritional Supplements compatible with doping prevention”. The scope of the Technical Committee is to develop European standards for nutritional supplements compatible with doping prevention in sport.

EuropeActive supports the work of the CEN Working Group 453, since we believe that there is a need for effective testing and labelling to protect consumers and fitness clubs that sell nutritional supplements for sportspeople.

EuropeActive is: