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Following the identification of EuropeActive (formerly EHFA) as a representative employer organisation in the “Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Sport and active leisure industry” Eurofound Study in 2012, social dialogue has become an important part of its work. Shortly after the publication a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the European Confederation of Outdoor Employers (EC-OE) to promote the interests of the active leisure sector

In 2014 EuropeActive completed a DG EMPL action called DIAL (VS/2013/0374) – social dialogue for the active leisure sector. This engaged with over 150 employers and organisations from 21 different EU Member States, and identified some key employer issues which included the forward planning for new skills and qualifications to support entrepreneurship, innovation and mobility in the sector. As part of this process, EuropeActive completed its commitment to form an employer’s only association called EHFA-Employers (EHFA-e), which was legally constituted as an IVZW in 2013 and now has 15 different employer national associations from EU countries as its members. Within the context, EuropeActive published a document in 2013 in which the role of Sectoral Employers’ organisations and social dialogue is highlighted.

Together with EC-OE, EuropeActive served as an observer organisation for the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Sport and Active Leisure (test-phase) and has been successfully leading the subcommittee for Active Leisure. Within the context of the project “Supporting the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Sport and Active Leisure (test-phase)”, the sub-committee ran 3 round table meetings (in RO, FI, PL), bringing potential social partners for the Active Leisure sector from both the employee and employer side together. The actions were well received and the need for a structured implementation of sectoral social dialogue was confirmed again by the participants. Furthermore, the question of sectoral representativeness at national level was identified as a main concern which has to be addressed in future projects.

In November 2016 EuropeActive and EC-OE launched the sector skills alliance (SSA) for active leisure which recognises that the SSA is a new opportunity for strategic cooperation between key stakeholders (e.g. businesses, trade unions, research, education and training institutions, public authorities). As presented at the Berlin plenary meeting of the round table project EuropeActive confirmed that social dialogue has an important part to play in the success of a the SSA for Active Leisure.

Working group:

  • Supporting the European Sectoral Social Dialogue (test phase) project, DG EMPL