Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport (FAIR)

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There is a growing concern that doping outside the elite sporting system is an expanding and problematic phenomenon, giving rise to the belief that the misuse of doping agents in recreational sport has become a societal problem and a public health concern. Although different forms of collaboration exist in the elite and competitive sport domain, a consistent solution across Member States has been difficult to establish in the context of recreational sport which the FAIR project aims to investigate and to make concrete recommendations based on good practices.


The Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport 2 (FAIR) project is based on the insights provided by the Study on Doping Prevention in Recreational Sport of January 2015, completed by EuropeActive as the consortium leader.

The project will review the existing interventions on doping in recreational sport and food/supplements for sportspeople; and will raise awareness of doping issues among stakeholders. Moreover, it represents a first opportunity to develop a Europe-wide network to assess good practices and develop new methods. This network can provide a basis for both future policy development and a long-term common approach in the prevention of doping in recreational sport.

FAIR will be a project with strong long term outcomes, targeting a wide audience beyond the participating organisations at European, national and regional levels. A strong evidence-base will assure the quality of the project and its design aims for a sustainable and long-term impact.


  1. Review existing doping prevention interventions, including for food and food supplements which are aimed at sports people. Report on their good practices which are proven to be effective
  2. Provide a forum for open discussion and objective thinking about reducing the prevalence of doping for performance- and image-enhancing purposes.
  3. Inform key stakeholders and policy makers on evidence-based planning and encourage them to adopt the good practices and to use the information material/tools to raise awareness of doping issues to their users.