National Fitness Day for Europe

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A new action co-funded by the European Commission starting in January 2020.

The National Fitness Day for Europe has 4 clear objectives:

  1. promote the European Week of Sport (EWoS) in 4 non-EU project countries by running and effective campaigns which are based on the success of existing experiences;
  2. reinforce the grassroots sport network in each of these non-EU project countries by organising national stakeholder seminars based on EWoS principles;
  3. promote EU values through fitness and sport in the non-EU project countries;
  4. promote and enhance the existing NFD programme across all of Europe; and to increase understanding and cooperation with countries bordering the EU;

NFD will promote the EWoS by using the most effective marketing and organisational methods currently available and which have been tested in the past years. The EU partners have demonstrated incredible potential in this concept, with ukactive alone having involved a stunning 4 million participants in last year’s edition.

NFD will also cross the project borders to promote EWoS on a truly European scale, by inviting any interested parties and other sport-based organisations to participate through transnational events. Finally, NFD will bring together EU and non-EU countries that will generate a positive long-term effect.